How Retailers Can Drive Multi-brand Loyalty

How Retailers Can Drive Multi-brand Loyalty


The pandemic has led to changing behaviours among consumers, and retailers must adapt their business to meet these new requirements in a post-COVID world. According to a Tealium and RetailX report, ‘Middle East 2020 – ecommerce Country Report’, turnover due to online sales reached around $55bn in 2020, against a backdrop of strong year-on-year growth of 20% every year since 2016.

Even more, shoppers will still expect the high level of service the region is known for – online and offline. The challenge comes in delivering this online and ensuring that both spheres are connected. The key is hyper-personalisation, which can only be achieved through efficient data management and analysis. More customers interact with brands online, meaning that data can be collected at every touchpoint, creating a wealth of insights. These insights are the foundation to build a better customer experience that will have consumers returning.

The report Driving Multi-brand Loyalty Using Customer Data explores how retailers can leverage data to drive return purchases.

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